3/30 Update

Dear Compatriots of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR,
I would like to thank the members who participated in the 235th Anniversary Boston Tea Party reenactment yesterday in Boston. We had a good turnout of members. I have attached several photos below, and I will post more on our website. I would like to thank the following members for attending:
Geoffrey Colby
Lee Gerlander
Todd Gerlander
Randy Gerlander
Bill Hayes
Michael Juhase
Bob Lasprogato
John Towle
Allan Van Wert
Russell Wirtalla
Jim Witham
Bonnie Burke
Lisa Colby
I would also like to welcome 2 past members of the defunct NE Contingent into the Connecticut Line CTSSAR, Compatriots Allan Van Wert and James Witham. HUZZAH!!!
It is now time to say goodbye to the 2008 Campaign. It was a great year! I am very pleased to report that Members of the Connecticut Line took part in 30 events this year! You all helped keep the History and the ideals of the American Revolution ALIVE!!! HUZZAH!!!
I would also ask that Detachment Commanders e-mail me their final 2008 event calendars, and the names of the members who participated in the events.
(Only if you have not already done so. Many of you e-mail me event reports, which are great!) Only events that cleared CT Line Command, prior to the event, (as per our insurance) will be considered and counted.
It looks like another good year, and a lot of Detachment points were earned.
There are also 5 Detachments now, so we will see at our annual luncheon next year who will be the 2008 CTSSAR Color Guard Detachment of the Year. What I will say is one Detachment earned over 100 participation points this year, and I think it will be a close race for second place between two Detachments.
For new members, Detachments earn 1 point for each member that participates in an event.
Connecticut Line command has also been discussing a few new awards such as, Detachment Captain of the Year, etc.
I will be throwing around a few dates for our annual luncheon after the 1st of the year so watch your e-mails. At the luncheon, we will hold our annual election of CT Line Command Officers, discuss and vote on the 2009 calender.
(we have some interesting events to consider including the 230th Battle of Norwalk reenactment, and the Battle of West Haven Commemoration, just to name a few)
In closing I would like to say, it has been an honor commanding an SAR Color Guard/Living History Unit for the past fourteen years. Whether it has been a Branch (11th Regt. Conn. Militia), District (NE Contingent), or State (Connecticut Line) it has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people, and to make a lot of friends. Together we have participated in a lot of great events, and 2009 looks to be another great year!
I would also like to recognize CT Line Command. I think we should all thank Lieutenant-Colonel Russell Wirtalla and Major Michael Juhase for a job well done!!! HUZZAH!!!
I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
And let us make 2009 the best Campaign year yet.
Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry,
Todd L. Gerlander, Colonel Commanding
The Connecticut Line

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