March 9, 1999

Editor Hans DePold, Bolton Town Historian


This newsletter is to provide a means for keeping historians, re-enactors, and other interested people aware of the activity to list the Revolutionary Road in the National Register of Historic Places. The Revolutionary Road was the choice of Rochambeau’s French army when they marched from Newport to Yorktown and back to Boston. The goal is also to encourage registration not only the Connecticut portion, but also the Revolutionary Road that passes through Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Have You Written

We hope many people have made contact with their preservation officer by now. Now would be a good time to write the French Ambassador and Consulat.

The Honorable Fran├žois Bujon de l’Estang
Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis
Francois Bujon de l’Estang
Washington, DC
The Honorable Richard Duque
Consulat General de France a New York
934 Fifth Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10021
212-606-3623 Fax -3620

CT Phase 1 Completion Celebration

Completion of Phase 1 of the CT Rochambeau Project, The Revolutionary Road, will be celebrated beginning at 11:30 May 11, at the CT State Capital. The Governor’s guard will be participating. Then in Rm 311 from noon to one PM, Rev Road Historian, Dr. Robert Selig will speak on the history and findings of the significant homes, taverns, and markers along the route.

The 2nd Dragoons

Capt. Sal Tarantino, reported that the 2nd Dragoons were used to escort the French in CT. They were also detailed to help an advance French Dragoon unit map the proposed route.

A Letter To The Editor

Dear Hans,

Thanks for the interesting letter “7”. To the sentence that most of Europe realizes that their economy and environment are intrinsically linked to heritage preservation, …….add HEALTH.

One of the sources to come to my attention was a Norwegian doctor’s speech at the 1995 UNESCO Conference on Culture and Health”. Dr. Hjort said that 90% of not “feeling well” is attributable to cultural and not medical reasons, and one of the cultural components is a sense of identity with one’s cultural heritage. Consider including such factors into your argument.

From Estonia

Estonia is the nation that literally sang its way out of the Soviet Union and used the neglect of their environment and heritage as levers to end communism.

Re-enactor Humor–A Bear Warning

In light of the rising frequency of human and grizzly bear conflicts, General Gage advises all militia units to take extra precautions and keep alert for bears while on detail.

The recent advances of Redcoats into the Hudson Valley appears to have angered the grizzly Bears and has driven some south from Lake George. In addition to the red material of the British uniforms, General Burgoyne’s officers can be discerned at thirty yards in the dark by the scent of lemon balm and citron and in the daylight by the flash of their brass buttons.

We advise that the Continental line, the militia, and riflemen take care not to startle the bears and watch out for fresh signs of bears. You may discern the difference between docile black bear’s droppings and the angry grizzly bear’s droppings as follows:

Black bear droppings contain lots of berries and squirrel fur.

Grizzly bear droppings are larger, with lots of shredded red material in them, have a scent of lemon balm and citron, and occasionally contain brass buttons.