BIG 3 Report

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Dear Compatriots of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR,
Just a quick report on the BIG 3 last Saturday, good thing for e-mails, I can still barely talk.
We had beautiful weather, and a good turnout of public. This year we were able to get in all three parades:
The Liberty Pole Capping and Parade, Bedford, MA.
Meriam’s Corner Ceremony and Parade, Concord, MA.
Paul Revere Capture Site Ceremony and Parade, Lincoln, MA.
Good Show!!!
Three Huzzahs!!! to the following members for helping to usher in the Start of the month long events honoring Patriot’s Day (April 19, 1775), the Start of the American Revolution.
Wayne Bickley – Putnam
Geoffrey Colby – Putnam
Dan Dudley – Hale
Lee Gerlander – Putnam
Todd Gerlander – Putnam
Randy Gerlander – Putnam
Bob Lasprogato – Sherman
Harry Orcutt – Putnam
John Towle – Putnam
Allan Van Wert – Putnam
Russell Wirtalla – Putnam
Richard Wright – Putnam
Bonnie Burke – Camp-Follower
Gina Gerhard – Camp-Follower
I believe that was everyone, if not let me know ASAP, and I will make corrections.
Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry,
Todd L. Gerlander
Colonel Commanding
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Big 3 2010 005.jpg
Big 3 2010 006.jpg

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