Dear Compatriot Members of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR,

I would like to thank the 18 CTSSAR compatriots and 3 camp-followers who came out and participated in the 2009 GRAND ENCAMPMENT of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR. THREE HUZZAHS to the Hale, Putnam, Sherman and Wadsworth Branches for answering the alarm and sending members. As I stated previously, Detachment points will be doubled for this event, since this was “OUR” (Connecticut Line) event.

THREE HUZZAHS to the following:

01)Wayne Bickley – Putnam
02)George Crede – Putnam
03)Damien Cregeau – Wadsworth
04)Bruce Cunard – Hale
05)Dan Dudley – Hale
06)Lee Gerlander – Putnam
07)Todd Gerlander – Putnam
08)Randy Gerlander – Putnam
09)Michael Juhase – Putnam
10)Bill Lang – at Large
11)Bob Lasprogato – Sherman
12)Stephen Messier – Putnam
13)Bob Rivard – at Large
14)Stephen Shaw – Wadsworth
15)Tom Smith – Hale
16)Tyler Smith – Hale
17)John Towle – Putnam
18)Russell Wirtalla – Putnam
19)Bonnie Burke – Camp-Follower
20)Pam Hall – Camp-Follower
21)Cece Messier – Camp-Follower

Originally, we were going to set up on Friday afternoon, but the weather forecasts were saying that Friday was going to be the worst of the days for weather, so we cancelled Friday set-up. We started out Saturday at 8:00 AM in the pouring rain, slowly setting up the camp during each break in the rain showers. By noon, most of the rain was gone and we were able to roast the 3 whole chickens and 12 pound pork loin. I must say, they came out great, poultry is usually tricky, but they cooked well on the spit. I think we all agree on that. Mike picked up some local Lebanon “just picked” corn at the Farmer’s Market, which was steamed over the coals, tasted Great!
Bruce then baked some apples for dessert.

THREE HUZZAHS again to Compatriot John Kendall for providing the fire wood for the encampment.

Saturday overall was a good day. We probably should have turned the event into a one day event because of the rain. Only 5 of us stayed overnight, and there was a little more rain.

Being the last to leave, I pulled out of the site at 2:00 PM on Sunday afternoon.

GREAT photos are up on our unit website,

Just a reminder that reenactor registration for the 2009 Boston Tea Party this December starts TODAY.

Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry,

Todd L. Gerlander
Colonel Commanding

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