Moving Day for Nathan Hale

What a great day to move out all of the contents of the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse in New London. Nice and sunny but in the twenties with lots of wind.
We go it done in so little time because so many SAR members and Coast Guard Academy Cadets came out to help.
Now everything is stored safely in a storage unit behind the train station, so that the schoolhouse can be moved in a few weeks to our new location. In a couple of months we’ll move everything back in.
The Day newspaper was there to cover the event and their article can be read at:
Click Here to view article
Thank you so much to the following:
Bob Herel
John Kendall
Fred Rivard
Stephen Shaw
Thomas Smith
Tyler Smith
Garrett Borrosh
Nicholas Giancola
Michael Gordon
Sven Johnson
Lelea Littlefield
Matthew Malacaria
Sean Newmeyer
Erin Nolan
Jarrod Owens
Jacob Scritchfield
Joshua Scritchfield
Jay Shiney
Stephen Spotty
Christopher Wall
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.
Stephen P. Shaw
1st VP, Technologies Manager, Property Steward, Etc
Connecticut, Sons of the American Revolution

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