Painting in New London

100_3021.JPGThe painting is looking wonderful at the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse in New London. With everything all cleaned up the room just seems so much bigger.
With the help of nine volunteers, we put a final coat on the ceiling and the walls and put a primer coat on the windows and trim.
The paint colors are now historically correct. The multiple paint samples which were sent out for analysis resulted in an off white color for the walls and a light grey on the trim.
Thank you so much to our members and the Coast Guard Cadets who helped:
Cadet Katie Colella
Bruce Cunard
Daniel Davis
Tim Jacobs
Cadet Mike Haas
Steve Marshall
Cadet Lauren Power
Stephen Shaw
Thomas Smith
Sunday April 20th will be our last day of major painting. We will likely have a minor day of fine tuning and cleanup on April 27th.
Stephen P. Shaw

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