Patriot’s Day Parade

Dear Compatriots of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR,

Just a quick report on the 2 Patriot’s Day Parades that we marched in today in Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts. We had 19 marching in the parades today, HUZZAH!!! 17 in Concord and 10 in Lexington.

Wayne Bickley – Putnam
Geoffrey Colby – Putnam
Dan Dudley – Hale
Lee Gerlander – Putnam
Todd Gerlander – Putnam
Randy Gerlander – Putnam
Howard Greene – Putnam
Bob Lasprogato – Sherman
Harry Orcutt – Putnam
Walter Reddy – Sherman
Tyler Smith – Hale
John Towle – Putnam
Allan Van Wert – Putnam
Russell Wirtalla – Putnam
Richard Wright – Putnam

Bonnie Burke – Camp-Follower
Lillie Rose Campbell – Camp-Follower
Liisa Colby – Camp-Follower
Gina Gerhard – Camp-Follower

Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry,

Todd L. Gerlander, Colonel Commanding

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