REPORT – St. Patrick’s Day Parade, New Haven, CT

Dear Compatriots of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR,
First, I would like to thank the 15 members who participated in the St.
Patrick’s Day Parade in New Haven, CT. yesterday. It RAINED, and RAINED, and RAINED. Nothing like marching in a parade in a wind and rain storm, and then going home soaking wet! I think we all agreed after the parade that we will probably pass on the next parade in the rain.
Three Huzzahs for the Skirmish Line yesterday, under the command of Major Juhase, both Sgt. Dan Dudley and Pvt. Howard Greene marched with their muskets and fired volleys, in the RAIN, HUZZAH!!!
Wayne Bickley – Putnam
Damien Cregeau – Wadsworth
Dan Dudley – Hale
Lee Gerlander – Putnam
Todd Gerlander – Putnam
Randy Gerlander – Putnam
Howard Greene – Putnam
Mike Juhase – Putnam
Bob Lasprogato – Sherman
Bob Rivard – Independent
James Rothgeb – Hale
John Towle – Putnam
Russell Wirtalla – Putnam
Bonnie Burke – Camp-Follower
Pam Hall – Camp-Follower
I also wanted to thank Lieutenant-Colonel Wirtalla for remembering my Birthday yesterday, and bringing a GREEN, St. Patrick’s Day Cake. I would also like to thank the members for all the Happy Birthday wishes.
By now, most of you have received, or will be receiving the recent issue of the SAR Magazine. Note the photo in the Connecticut Section, a nice photo of last years Grand Encampment with a bunch of meat on a spit over an open fire. Now what other SAR does this today? The man who said NOBODY, wins the prize!
Next up, Musket Safety on the 27th and the 5 Parades to commemorate Patriot’s Day in April.
Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry,
Todd L. Gerlander, Colonel Commanding

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