Connecticut Day Parade – BIG E – Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Compatriots of the Connecticut Line,
The Connecticut Line marched in the Connecticut Day Parade at the BIG E in West Springfield, MA yesterday.
This was our second year marching, and it was also our last. We will return to just having a regiment day there as we did in years past.
I would like to thank the members who participated:
01)Bonnie Burke – Camp-Follower
02)Lee Gerlander – 11th Conn. Regt.
03)Todd Gerlander – 11th Conn. Regt.
04)Randy Gerlander – 11th Conn. Regt.
05)Mike Juhase – Huntington’s Conn. Regt.
06)Robert Lasprogato – 9th Conn. Regt.
07)John Towle – 11th Conn. Regt.
08)Russell Wirtalla – 11th Conn. Regt.
I also mentioned yesterday the Connecticut Line Contest that will be run annually starting this year.
Some of you have noticed that all my reports lists the names and Detachments of the members that have participated. At our annual meeting in Jan/Feb 2008 awards will be presented to Detachments for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. These awards are for member/Detachment participation at Connecticut Line events, the events that each of you vote on at our annual meeting. I will post the current results shortly. This will hopefully fuel some friendly competition between the branches/Detachments of the Connecticut Line.
Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry,
Todd L. Gerlander
Colonel Commanding

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