Lafayette 250 Display – War Office – Lebanon, CT – September 8, 2007

Dear Members of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR,
Today at the WAR OFFICE we set up a display in honor of the 250th Birthday of the Marquis de Lafayette. The WAR OFFICE was a great location for the display since Lafayette visited Lebanon and met with Trumbull in July of 1780.
We had the WAR OFFICE open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
A little more then two dozen people visited the War Office today. I will bring photos to the State Meeting on the 29th, of both the ceremony and the Display.
I would like to thank the following members for
Lee Gerlander – 11th Conn. Regt.
Todd Gerlander – 11th Conn. Regt.
Randy Gerlander – 11th Conn. Regt.
Robert Rivard – Huntington’s Conn. Regt.
Russell Wirtalla – 11th Conn. Regt.
Arlene Rivard – Camp-Follower
Our next CONNECTICUT LINE event is Wednesday, September 19, 2007. The Connecticut Day Parade at the BIG E in West Springfield, Massachusetts.
I have ONE free ticket left, we now have 11 marchers.
After that ticket is gone, you will have to pay admission to march. Let me know ASAP.
Put your Faith in God and keep your powder dry,
Todd Gerlander
Colonel Commanding

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