Veterans Day Parade 2008

Compatriots of the Connecticut Line,
Just wanted to report on todays VETERANS DAY PARADE in Hartford, Connecticut. It was a Great day! We had a good showing and great weather.
I would like to thank the following members for participating and also to recognize Captain Bruce Cunard for his first time commanding the Connecticut Line in the field. Huzzah!
01) Wayne Bickley – Putnam
02) George Crede – Putnam
03) Damien Cregeau – Wadsworth
04) Bruce Cunard – Hale
05) Lee Gerlander – Putnam
06) Todd Gerlander – Putnam
07) Randy Gerlander – Putnam
08) Bill Hayes – Putnam
09) Mike Juhase – at Large
10) Bob Lasprogato – Sherman
11) Stephen Marshall – Putnam
12) Bob Rivard – Huntington
13) Fred Rivard – Huntington
14) Jim Rothgeb – Hale
15) Russell Wirtalla – Putnam
16) Pamela Cregeau – Camp-Follower
Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry,
Todd L. Gerlander
Colonel Commanding

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