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When does the past become history? When someone writes about it. 

History  is the act of thinking about the past and analyzing it in written form, for others to learn from and enjoy. As much as possible, historians use contemporary accounts, called primary sources, such as journals, letters, newspapers, images, account books, and others, to build their understanding of what was happening in a particular time and place, in a particular individual’s life, or to a group of people. Letters and journals, especially, have been the cornerstone of historical research.


So what happens when there are no letters or journals to look at? Really, when was the last time you wrote a letter, other than perhaps a business letter? There are still plenty of people who keep handwritten journals, but increasingly the blog is the most popular form of recording and transmitting personal interpretations of events and ideas. Our goal for this blog is to provide you with regular information about the East Haddam Nathan Hale Schoolhouse, the activities of Connecticut SAR, and how we’re continuing to further our understanding of the past. Someday, perhaps, historians will look to this digital record as a primary source for information about the East Haddam Nathan Hale Schoolhouse in the first quarter of the 21st century.
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